Guy C. Parlett Post 7 Department of Maryland

The authority to impose House Rules originates in the The American Legion Department of Maryland By-Laws (2011) ARTICLE XIII which state in Article XII section 7 ( Page 34):

Section 7. In order to maintain order and decorum within the Post facilities, nothing contained herein shall prohibit a Post, with or without a hearing, from suspending a member from the use of the Post facilities for a period not to exceed 90 days, provided however, that the member shall have the right to a hearing before the Post Executive Committee or the Post Membership if the member requests same in writing within ten (10) days after being advised of said suspension and said hearing shall be held within ten (10) days after the Post is so notified.

American Legion Post 7


The American Legion Post 7 supports and enforces the Laws of The State of Maryland and of Anne ArundelCounty including all applicable Liquor Control Rules and Regulations. No House Rule shall be deemed tooverride these laws.

1. The following shall be admitted:

     a.       All members of the American Legion who possess and show a valid American Legion dues card.

     b.       All members of the American Legion Auxiliary or Son's of the American Legion (S.AL.) who possess and         show a valid dues card for their organization.

     c.       Guests of any of the above (a. or b.).

     d.       Employees of the Post.

2.      Members are responsible for their guests and the actions of their guests. Guests must sign the guest  book and Members are encouraged to sign the members' book. Members must sign for their guest(s).  Anyone who allows entry through the use of the door-buzzer system will take responsibility for checking the person(s) validity for access. Members shall not leave the Post prior to their guests.

3.       Legion, Auxiliary, and S.AL. members and their guests shall keep the Post home clean and in proper

4.      The Manager or Employee in Charge shall have full authority to enforce House Rules while on duty.   He/She may refuse service to and ask any Member, Officer, or guest to leave the Post because of  violation of any house rule. The Member shall have the right to appeal to the Executive Committee. 

5.       No Member shall reprimand an Officer or an Employee of the Post outside of the Executive Committee Meeting. Any suggestion or criticism of the Lounge or Post operation shall be addressed at a regular meeting of the Post or submitted to the Executive Committee for consideration.

6.      The Employees or Attendants on duty at Post 7 may refuse service to anyone with just cause. Members and guests of Post 7 shall dress appropriately for a public place. Clothing shall not be offensive by slogans or logos on shirts or other clothing, shall cover the body appropriately and be clean and neat. Shoes and Shirts must be worn at all times.

7.       Any Member or their guest who removes or damages property of Post 7 or the American Legion shall
cause the Member to be liable for damage(s) and/or be subject to exclusion from the Post. 

8.       The check amount limit shall be $50. Checks shall require approval of a Post Officer or on-duty bartender. All checks returned for lack of funds shall be subject to a $35 charge. No credit shall be allowed at any time.

9.      There shall be no children under 16 allowed in the lounge after 9:00 PM. No one under the age of 21 years shall sit at the bar at any time. No children (under 16 years of age) shall be allowed unless under proper adult supervision and sponsorship. 

10.   Legion meetings at Post 7 shall start promptly at the appropriate hour. The Sergeant at Arms will advise the lounge when the meeting convenes.

11.   Members or guests receiving phone calls while at Post 7 shall answer the phone.

12.   Intoxicated persons will not be tolerated in the Post, and will be expelled from the premises.

13.   No drinks shall be removed from or brought onto the post or post property at any time.

14.   No alcoholic drinks shall be served to anyone under the age of 21 years. Proper identification shall be provided upon request.

15.   Loud, boisterous or profane language will not be tolerated in the Post at any time.

16.   The hours of operation of the lounge at Post 7 shall be posted.

17.   All forms of entertainment / amusement shall stop 30 minutes prior to closing time. The Employee in Charge can set an earlier than posted closing time based on lounge occupancy.

18.   For Friday Night Dinners and Special Events ONLY: Card Playing, Darts, Pool Table and Shuffle Board after 4:00 PM on these occasions shall not be allowed in the main lounge without prior approval.

19.   The Executive Committee is empowered to treat violation(s) of the above rules as necessary.

Enacted By The Executive Committee of the American Legion Post 7 Annapolis on 11107/2006