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 Guy C. Parlett Post 7 Department of Maryland



       Commander Robert Wayland          


A Message from the Commander: 


Commander’s Corner, November-December, 2021

The holidays are again upon us as we gather the family, friends and loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and the coming New Year. I hope everyone has a safe and joyous holiday season. If you are traveling, please be extra careful because more people are planning on holiday trips than in the previous two years. We want you to return safely. The Post needs your support.


A reminder: The Post will be closed for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day so that the staff can enjoy their time with family and friends.


The Marine Corps Reserve are sponsoring the “Toys for Tots” campaign to collect new unwrapped toys and distribute those toys to less fortunate children at Christmas. The primary goal is to promote the spirit of Christmas and send a message of hope to America's less fortunate children. The Post 7 Sons of the American Legion (S.A.L.) will be positioning collection bins within the post for the donation of new unwrapped toys. The final date for pick-up of the toys is December 14th. Please no stuffed toys.


Ladies Auxiliary of Annapolis Post 7 are sponsoring Scratch Lottery Ticket Wreath. There are approximately 35 Maryland scratch tickets with values between $5 and $10 dollars in the wreath with chances to win up $100,000.00. Chances are $10.00 per ticket with the drawing to be held on December 18th. Proceeds will be donated to local veteran causes.


I also want to mention that we have a Vietnam veterans group meeting regularly every Tuesday morning (09:30) in the Post hall. This group of distinguished veterans from all services are there to assist and support each other (“Brother helping Brother”) to get through trying and difficult memories. They have been meeting for approximately fourteen years and are sponsored by the VA. The group will accept new members with the only stipulation being, the member must be a Vietnam veteran.


In the spirit of giving the American Legion Post 7 is participating in the vehicle donation program. This program allows for the tax deductible donation of all vehicles, running or not, including cars, trucks, trailers, boats, RVs, motorcycles, campers, off-road vehicles, planes, heavy equipment, farm machinery, and most other motorized vehicles.

- Donations will support fellow veteran causes.

- Free Pick-up and Documentation. Charitable Auto Rides Service, Inc. (CARS) will pick-up your donation at a time that works for you - at no cost to you.

- Possible tax deduction


The Post POC for the CARS program is: Vice Commander Jason O’Neil

703-627-7300 or 420-573-0004

Or contact: The American Legion Vehicle Donation
Toll Free Number Information: 844-453-4466 (844-4-LEGION)


A special note from our Vice Commander: "Our new Fall Baseball program was a real success with 14 games and a winning record.  Junior team hitters and pitchers were developed for our senior team next year.  Because of long supply lines, Post 7 must order the 2022 uniforms in December!"

Finally, please remember that American Legion Post 7, Guy C. Parlett is maintained by a majority of volunteer individuals. It is not just a bar or a restaurant. Post 7 is a place of respect -- for the individuals that served and the country they served. So, remember that as you come through the Post door. Please keep the Post clean and police yourself.



Commander’s Corner, September, 2021

There’s been a significant time lapse since the last Commander’s Corner in March. In June, the American Legion Post 7 conducted nominations for Executive Board Members and Post Commander. Elections were conducted in July as well as installation of new officers and commander as follows:

Commander: Robert (Bob) Wayland

Chaplain: Tom McAndrews

1st Vice Commander: Jason O’Neil

2nd Vice Commander: Lenny Milliken

3rd Vice Commander: Paul Bartone

Adjutant: Ben Miles

Service Officer: Susan Flannagan

Sergeant-at- Arms: Harry Umbert

Judge Advocate: Vacant

Historian: Vacant

Executive Committee 1St: John Ogle

Executive Committee 2nd: William (Bill) Branham


A Tribute.  As the newly elected commander I am replacing not only a friend and mentor, but someone whose shoes I know I can never. Commander O’Neil is the cement that held this post together during the critical phase of the pandemic shutdown. His leadership in getting the critical work done and overcoming many obstacles kept this post alive. He worked tirelessly to maintain and improve the post facilities and grounds (i.e.: parking lot pavement). He also strived to obtain grant opportunities and seek funding avenues to keep the post afloat during the difficult times we experienced during shutdown. Commander O’Neil was the significant supporter and backbone to the American Legion Post 7 Baseball League. The ball team has been exemplary in their performance, which the Post can be very proud to support. Luckily, Commander O’Neil is not going away. He will continue to provide guidance and support in the role as 1st Vice Commander.


An Introduction. As for your new commander (me), I am relatively new to the American Legion, having become a PUFL member in 2019. I was active duty Navy from 1974-1979, serving in aviation ordnance aboard the aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea (CV-43). After military service, I then worked for an additional 33 years for the Dept. of Navy and Dept. of Defense in multiple programs, projects and locations around the USA, eventually retiring in 2011.

I have a very lovely wife, Maricela who is also retired from the Dept. of Army (Go Navy---Beat Army!). We moved to this region in 2006 from San Diego, Ca and decided to stay where it is green and make it our home.

I look forward to the coming year and serving the Guy C. Parlett family.


Open for Business. The post continues to be open for business. We will continue to adhere to Center for Disease Control (CDC), Maryland State and Anne Arundel County guidelines/mandates in regards to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Post has implemented a number of safety and sanitary measures in both the bar and kitchen areas to ensure that the health and wellbeing of our patrons is top priority. Please be patient and understand that these measures are being implemented for your safety and to keep the post operating.

As of this date, the wearing of masks and social distancing by the patrons is not being required in bars and restaurants, but is highly recommended by the Anne Arundel County Executive (especially for those unvaccinated individuals). If the situation changes, signs will be posted inside and outside the post as well as on the Facebook website page.


Boys State/Nation. This year Post 7 sponsored an awesome young man, Hektor Thompson, a rising senior star at Broadneck High School to Maryland Boys State to gain knowledge and perspective on politics and interactions in a very competitive setting. Hektor was so successful and impressive that he progressed on to Boys Nation held in Washington, D.C. representing Washington State as a senator. Boys Nation is an annual forum of civic and leadership training offering hands-on government experience run by the American Legion. This year, 65 Boy’s Nation senators were chosen from a pool of more than 17,000 Boys State participants making it one of the most selective educational programs in the United States. By the way, Hektor hopes to attend the U.S. Military Academy to become an Army officer. I guess the Navy can’t win them all.


Bingo. As of this date, Bingo has been temporarily suspended. The Post is planning for the resumption of Bingo later this Fall. We are looking for eager volunteers to assist during the Thursday and Sunday games. Please call Ben Miles 410-279-9834 or 410-573-0004 or stop by to learn first-hand how rewarding your time can be.


Baseball. The 2021 season was very successful, highlighted by the creation of a Junior team. This serves as a “Farm Team” for our Senior team. Kevin Brown (Seniors) and Ron Katz and Tony Long (Juniors) served as excellent teachers throughout the shortened season. Mel Edwards, our Head Office Manager, just returned to his beloved Texas. Mel handled the many administration details in a most professional manner. He will be dearly missed as a manager and friend of Post 7. Your post is in the planning stage for a Fall Baseball schedule, something many players have requested. It is a great time to work on both batting and pitching skills. Finally, we are proud to have sponsored outfielder Austin Murphy for a state scholarship. This young man is representative of the high-quality youth attracted to American Legion Baseball. He is our 4th winner in the last 5 years!


Events. The Annual Guy C. Parlett Crab Feast is again cancelled due to limited supply and high cost of Chesapeake crabs this year. However, the Post is planning to supplement the Crab Feast with a Bull and Oyster Roast in the fall, date and time are still TBD.


Food and Entertainment. Kelly (our kitchen manager) and her staff continue to provide excellent cuisine on a daily basis. (Thursday’s meatloaf special is always a crowd pleaser.) In addition, we will be planning events for the forthcoming holiday season so please keep looking at our webpage Facebook page, and sign board for daily/weekly specials and events.

Also, as pandemic restrictions ease or are eliminated, and based on available funds, we will resume bands, dancing, ceremonies, feasts, Hall Rentals and related events which have made Post 7 a quality destination. Please consult our social media for details.


A Reminder. Lastly, please remember that American Legion Post 7, Guy C. Parlett is just that. It is not a bar or a restaurant. Post 7 is a place of respect -- for the individuals that served and the country they served. So, remember that as you come through the post door.





Archive: Messages from the Past Commander:


Jason O'Neil

Commander’s Corner, March, 2021


Open for Business. After a year of partial or complete shut-down, your Post is now Open for Business in accordance with state and local rules. As such, more and more members are enjoying the friendship, ambience and support. Please plan to join us soon.

Sons of the American Legion (SAL). On March 2, we conducted a SAL Meeting to elect Tom Goloski as Commander and Buddy Mastin as Adjutant on an interim basis until the elections in May. They are the “doers” who will help revitalize the Project with a focus on membership and worthy, joint Legion projects. A proud history continues.

Community Outreach.

-Bingo. Your Post is planning for the resumption of Bingo later this Spring. Volunteers are truly welcome to assist during the Thursday and Sunday games. Please call Wil Wagner at 443-254-1949 or 410-573-0004 or stop by to learn first-hand how rewarding your time can be.

-Baseball. Student athletes have been on the bench for a year. It’s time for the Post to complete the administrivia necessary to field both a Senior and a Junior Admirals team this June. Nationally-recognized coaches have contacted us and been approved for this important community outreach activity.

-Events. Recently, our Friday Night Dinners have been sellouts due to the excellent cuisine prepared by Kelly and her staff. Please plan to join us for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration with traditional fare. And, as funds allow, we will resume bands, ceremonies, feasts, Hall Rentals and related events which have made Post 7 a quality destination. Please consult our social media for details.

Commander’s Corner, August, 2020

COVID-19 Impact: Good News! Your post has re-opened in accordance with State guidelines. So, don your mask and come visit while social distancing. We have been serving a limited menu and hope to expand as we gradually reopen to “normal” conditions. Because of the uncertainty that comes with a global pandemic, we are not able to publish a regular menu or resume our normal events---yet!

Elections: Although the National meeting in Ocean City is cancelled for 2020, we still need to hold our annual elections and to vote on our new by-laws. Nominations for officers AND voting will be conducted at our August General Membership Meeting on August 4, 2020 at 7pm. It is unusual to do nominations and voting at the same meeting but this is yet another impact of COVID-19. Please plan on attending while wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.

Baseball: Through Post 7's initiative, we have organized a non-Legion league this summer. We play a reduced schedule of 19 games with six local teams. High school baseball was cancelled this year so, we wanted to provide an opportunity for our seniors to showcase their talents to college scouts in hopes of gaining a scholarship. The home games are played at Joe Cannon Stadium in Glen Burnie. A schedule is posted on our website. Our Admirals are Winners!

Crab Feast: The Crab Feast scheduled for September 19, 2020 is cancelled. We care about our members and want you all to be here for our feast in 2021!

For God and Country, Jason O’Neil


Commander’s Corner, May 22, 2020

Fellow members please use caution and protect your health at all times. Our Post 7 will only open when it is legal to do so. We are ready to accommodate social distancing. During the Pandemic, your management and volunteers have completed a 60-item checklist to completely sanitize the building and complete painting and renovation projects. You will see the difference when you come back.

As you can imagine, many events have been cancelled including Boys and Girl’s State, Memorial Day at the Cemetery, and dozens of other events. Our elections will be held on one day in August. The Department convention has been postponed until late September with a one-day event in Baltimore.

The Legion Baseball season has been cancelled just like the High School season. This is really bad for the senior players who need statistics and videos for college scouts to award scholarships. Therefore, our current planning to have a short 16-game unofficial schedule with local teams beginning in late June. There will be no tournaments. In this way the 6 seniors on our team get some much needed and deserved exposure.

Before the virus outbreak, we submitted a grant application to the State. The prolonged process will most likely dead-end due to the huge cost of the pandemic. However, your post remains financially solvent and should survive this crisis. As soon as we get official guidance on re-opening, we will post again here and on our website. In the meantime, please stay safe. We want ALL of you to enjoy our NEW environment in a future filled with fellowship and community service.

For God and Country,



March - April, 2020 

Spring Clean-up: April will be a very busy month. Please watch for announcements when Post 7 members gather to clean the inside and outside of the facility.

Entertainment: Don the green and join us for our annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration—Green everything! Also, mark your calendars for Gary and the Groove’s return on April18.

Baseball: Post 7 is busy in March and April preparing for the 2020 season with new uniforms, tournaments, and new national rules. We’ve already started recruiting players.

Capital Budget: We hope to secure grant funds for our new parking lot. In addition, we will solicit bids for a new walk-in cooler, digital road sign and a large tent for activities in the grove.

Elections: In accordance with our current bylaws, election of our Post officers will be conducted at our May 5 Membership meeting; nominations will be accepted beginning at our April meeting. Please consider serving as our Post is becoming increasingly more vibrant and welcomes additional leadership support.

For God and Country,

Jason O’Neil


January, 2020

Membership. We achieved 80% membership renewal for 2020! In January and February, the Executive Committee will focus on the remaining 20% while attracting more military youth into our Post. You are our best recruiters so be sure to keep up the great work.

Kitchen. We will install a new walk-in cooler in the kitchen in the beginning of next year. It will have more capacity and be much more energy-efficient.

Football. Please enjoy our discounted food items during the NFL games in January. We’ll have Super Bowl specials on February 2.

Valentine’s Day Dinner. Please plan to join us for a Sweetheart’s Dinner on Friday, February 14. And please wear your dancing shoes!

By-Laws. Your Executive Committee will make a concerted effort to bring the Post’s By-Laws up to date early in the year. The current edition is from 2006, and times change!

Friday Night Dinners. In January and February, we will continue to provide very SPECIAL dinners from our revised menu with super entrees every week.

Mortgage. We sincerely appreciate the recent generous donations from several of our members that were specifically directed toward the reduction of our mortgage. We are striving to pay it off in the next six months. Look for a grand celebration of this important milestone in the Spring.

Exchange/MWR Privileges. Starting January 1st, all service-connected disabled veterans with a VA Health Identification Card, Purple Heart recipients, former prisoners of war and primary veteran caregivers will be eligible to shop at commissaries and exchanges, and use certain morale, welfare and recreation activities.

For God and Country,

Jason O’Neil


Winter, 2019

Wine and Cheese Party. November 2 from 5-7:00 PM. Plan to attend this annual event organized by your Auxiliary. It’s educational and fun!

Parking Lot Grant Request. On November 14, Post 7 will support its Grant Request for partial funding of the resurfaced parking lot. Pat Guibao will lead our delegation as we attempt to convince Maryland officials to provide a grant for partial reimbursement of our parking lot project. Funds support over 20 projects; let’s hope we are one of them!

Bingo. Wil Wagner and his Bingo Team (Sally, Liz, Beth, Terry, Wendy, Paul, Connie and Andy) do a wonderful job on Thursdays and Sundays. Kelley and the kitchen staff add to the fun with tasty meals. So, plan to attend soon. The large jackpot is $1,199!

Holidays. We’ll have traditional holiday celebrations this year by providing evening entertainment around Thanksgiving, an Eggnog Party at Christmas, and Gary and the Groove Band on New Year’s Eve. Please plan on attending and celebrating with your fellow members.

2020 Projects. Your Executive Committee is researching initiatives for the New Year. Foremost in our plans is the pay-off of our building’s mortgage by June 2020. Other projects include the walk-in cooler replacement, updating our kitchen appliances, tent replacement, resealing the deck, purchasing new deck furniture and retractable awning, and lastly, a new electronic billboard sign on Crownsville Road for vibrant, real-time visibility of our events and services.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

For God and Country,

Jason O’Neil

Fall, 2019

1. American Legion: A new law opens the membership to those who served after Pearl Harbor without the black-out periods.

2. Baseball: Your Admirals had a winning season: 12-11. We beat our arch-rival, Severna Park, twice. Our top pitcher, Cam Nolet, won the NATIONAL title for the most strike-outs. Our shortstop, Matt Ferony, won the State’s Scholar-Athlete Scholarship.

3. Trust Fund: A $5,000 Legion Cares insurance policy is available to you at NO COST. Please stop by your Post and pick up an application. Did I mention NO COST???

4. Food Service: We have added new kitchen staff and new menu items. Now the Friday night dinners are a gourmet delight!!! Please come and find out for yourself.

5. Entertainment: Gary and the Groove returns on October 26. Ed Davino, the acclaimed DJ, will be at Post 7 on several Saturday evenings this fall. Please plan to attend.

For God and Country, Jason O’Neil


Summer, 2019

POST 7’S BASEBALL TEAM. Our team, ages 14 through 18, has performed in an outstanding manner this season! The team takes the field in replica 1919 uniforms to help celebrate our Centennial. The Admirals played in a Wood Bat Tournament against the American Legion national champions. Come to your Post, and I’ll tell you who won! The picture below recreates the famous book and movie,” Field of Dreams.”


FACILITY FIX-UP. The summer is a good time to accomplish many of the needed repairs to our 28-year old facility. We are upgrading items in the kitchen and rearranging equipment for efficiency purposes. We are also installing a retractable awning over the deck and repaving the parking lot.

DEPARTMENT CONVENTION. A small element of the Executive Committee will attend the Department’s Annual Convention in Ocean City from July 16-19. A key event for the Post will be the award of Maryland’s Career Firefighter/EMS Person of the Year to our nominee. Mr. James Clopein was a member of the tactical team to initially enter the Capital Gazette building during the tragic shooting last year.


Spring, 2019

Centennial Celebration. Our Gala Dinner-Dance held on March 23 rd was a quality event with
great food, entertainment and important awards. Your Post plans to keep the 100 th Anniversary
spirit alive throughout the year with family-oriented events.

Boys and Girl’s State. This is a banner year for the Post to support this important event in June.
The SAL will sponsor a young man to attend Boy’s State in Westminster. And in the “Year of the
Girl,” Post 7 will sponsor three young ladies for Girl’s State in Salisbury. The Ladies Auxiliary will
sponsor a gifted young leader. And the Post 7 will sponsor two young ladies, “A” students in
their high school who are interested in law and government. The participants report their
experiences in general meetings later in the summer.

Baseball. Our team is ready with century-old uniforms, seasoned, returning players and
outstanding coaches. This year we’ll play in the Frederick Wood Bat Tournament in mid-June.
And to our surprise and delight, our first game is against the #1 American Legion Baseball team
from Delaware. Please plan to cheer for the team!

Menu. Under the leadership of Ben Miles and Mike Smollen, we’ve revamped the menu and
beverage selection to attract more members to enjoy their post. Check out the Friday Specials
shown below in the calendar.

Facility. High on our facility maintenance list is the resurfacing of the parking lot this summer.
And we’re planning a new mural by our own Don Eick to welcome young members back from
the conflicts in the Middle East.

For God and Country
Jason O’Neil




Spring 2018:

May and June are traditionally busy months for Post 7. This year is no exception. Please plan to stop by and enjoy YOUR post for camaraderie, events and great food. Some key activities include:

Baseball - Our Admirals team has new managers, new uniforms and a renewed spirit to start the season on May 30th. One of the new managers is Mike Barilla, the son of our famous Betty B. A complete schedule will be posted on the website and in the lounge. A Father’s Day Tournament will take place at Frostburg University in western Maryland. Come out and support the team when it plays games at the Annapolis High School.

Girls State - Post 7 and the Ladies Auxiliary will sponsor two young ladies to attend Girl’s State at Salisbury University during late June. It’s a week-long event about leadership, and I’m sure Paige Wells (Indian Creek Upper School) and Daphna Anderson (Broadneck High School) will really benefit from the program.

Facility Upgrades - In addition to painting the lounge and cleaning up the outside, we’re planning to replace our furnace and make the kitchen more efficient.

Skeet Club - This year we’re initiating a Skeet Shooting Club under the auspices of member, John Church. The range is in Glenn Dale with weekly shoots and events during the summer. Post 7 will pay for the ammunition used by members. The schedule will be posted on the Website.

Flag Retirement Ceremony - Boy Scout Troop 768 of Millersville will join our ceremony on Thursday June 14th. Please plan to join this important annual event.

Entertainment - In May, Gary and the Groove return on Saturday, May 19th, and Peter Franks plays in the lounge on Tuesday, May 29th. In June, Jay Munton and Family will play in the lounge on Tuesday, June 26th and The Groove is back for a return engagement on Saturday, June 30th.

Charlotte Hall - It is our hope that you will be able to lend your support for our efforts and the veterans who reside at this facility.

Horseshoes - We’re looking for a manager to get our Horseshoe League up and running. Post 7 has the facility and equipment necessary to make this project a reality. This is a resource that all members of the Legion family, and their guests, should be able to utilize.

More good things: In this Veteran’s Voice you will find an article on a Maryland son Augustus Walley. Trooper Walley was nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor on two occasions. We hope you enjoy his story.

The month of May is a special month in that we honor and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Please keep in your thoughts and prayers those service men and women who are currently on the front lines and in some very remote and hostile places in this world.

For God and Country

Jason O’Neil



Autumn 2017:


Membership - I want to take this opportunity to thank all the members who have submitted their dues for 2018. We’ve heard from approximately 30 percent of our membership, and although it’s early in the dues year, your support for this undertaking shouldn’t go unrecognized. Our kitchen is still the finest in the county. Our bar-time discussions are focused and on point. It reminds one of the hit TV series “Cheers”!


Decorum - When visiting the lounge, please leave any rumors at home! Our Post prides itself as being straight-forward and accurate. Should you have an issue or concern, please feel free to contact me. Those individuals who may be involved in rumor spreading should be made aware that your actions will not be tolerated.


Boys State - We’re interviewing 2 candidates for next year and looking for young women who can be sponsored by Post 7 for Girl’s State in 2018.


Silent Auctions - This fall your Post will hold many silent auctions for very worthy causes. Please check the website for event details.


Flags-on-West Street - A new initiative sponsored by Post 7 along with the Elks is the hanging of flags on West Street in Annapolis honoring Middle East returnees, many with injuries. Please view our success on the Website and Facebook during the early part of 2018.


More good thingsWe will be having our Annual Crab Feast on September 23rd and the kick off of the SAL Breakfast season starting on October 1st (see flyers for both in this newsletter). Also, Post 7 is going all out to support the Auxiliary in the Heroes Run in support of the Travis Manion Foundation on Sunday, September 10th (see enclosed flyer). I want to thank the Legion family in advance for your support for these upcoming events.


For God and Country,


Jason O’Neil



Summer is in full-swing with the Fourth of July picnic, baseball and the state convention. Please stop by your post to participate as often as your schedule and health allows! Some of the key items of interest:




For God and Country,


Jason O’Neil, Commander





This is a very busy time of the year with events such as the Mother’s Day Breakfast, Memorial Day ceremonies, Flag Day, Father’s Day Picnic and Spring Clean-up activities inside and outside Post 7. Here are some key items of interest:


-Baseball. The season starts on May 30 with a 35-game schedule. Our Admirals’ games are mostly played at the Annapolis High School with doubleheaders on Saturdays. This year the team travels to Mansfield University in northeast Pennsylvania for a Father’s Day tournament. The players stay in a college dorm and play at least 4 games against teams from the Mid-Atlantic region. Our sponsorship via fundraisers throughout the year helps make this possible. Please go to the navigation bar “Baseball” and then, click on the “next page” links at the bottom of the main page to view the schedule.


-Boys State. Post 7 is sponsoring Trevor Hawkins, a junior at St. Mary’s High School to attend the annual event at McDaniel College, June 18-24. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the legislative process and make dozens of new friends. Notables like John Wayne, Neil Armstrong and Michael Jordan attended this worthwhile event.


-Website. I hope you’re enjoying our upgraded website now under the administration of a new member of the Auxiliary, Jocelyn Bartone. She’s also a talented photographer so watch for photos of post activities in the coming months.


-Pizza Night. We’ve resumed the traditional Tuesday night culinary fare with a real difference: gourmet pies. The members have really appreciated the efforts of our kitchen to bring out the best quality food at very reasonable prices. Please plan to try it on a forthcoming Tuesday.


-EAD Emergency Device. Kudos to Mike Holmes and the SAL executives for their initiative to buy, install and train 16 members on the use of this life-saving equipment mounted in the hallway between the lounge and the Activity Hall.


-Hall Rentals. We have dozens of different events in our hall from baby showers, to club meetings to wedding receptions and wakes. Please call Betty Barilla at 410-251-3699 or 410-573-0004 to reserve the room, complete with catering or food from our extensive menu.


-Entertainment. Your Post has booked several high-quality bands and DJ’s over the course of the year. Watch for weekend events published in our Bulletin and here on the website. And remember, please provide your email address at the front desk so you don’t miss out.


-Centennial Clean-up. To get ready for the 100 Year Celebration in 1919, we’ve started our clean-up campaign by clearing the brush in front of the post and replacing the bar top. Should you want one or more of the wooden commemorative tiles, please contact 1s t Vice commander, Pat Guibao at . Other projects soon to be initiated include but are not limited to the following:

-Painting, including a wall-size mural dedicated to the Vietnam War.

-Floor refinishing -Dance floor refurbishment -Deck Sanding and painting

-Paving of the parking lot (remove foliage islands)

-Bathroom sanitization

-Fence repair

-Replace selected ceiling tiles

-Carpet cleaning


If you have other suggestions, please let me know at 703-627-7300 or 410-573-0004.


For God and Country                   

Jason O’Neil








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